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Let’s listen to the experience of Oniki, which broke new ground in Turkey, from Ziya Kızıltan, the Founding Partner of Oniki! This video is for you if you want to get to know Oniki, which is specially designed for you to reach the content that you can get the maximum benefit for your business and yourself and to meet the right people. The next generation event experience supported by artificial intelligence is one of the most important topics that Oniki underlines: efficiency! In the activities held within the body of Oniki; It is aimed to be efficient for all participants, both online and physically, and to enable new commercial collaborations.

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Prepshipping LLC Operations Manager Rıdvan Mücahit Baykaldı was among the speakers. Baykaldı, who explained how they support entrepreneurs as Prepshipping, conveyed the points to be considered in e-commerce and e-export.

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Sky Accounting Country Manager Onur Demirel was among the speakers. Demirel talked about the solutions offered by Sky Accounting for company establishment in USA, payment infrastructures, accounting services and much more.

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Erhun Öçal, General Manager of Uyumsoft Cloud Services, was among the speakers. Stating that the extraordinary concept of Oniki coincides with Uyumsoft’s innovative perspective, Öçal talked about the importance of digitalization in the e-commerce sector and conveyed information to the participants about Uyumsoft Cloud Services.

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Exporgin COO Mehmet Erdemi was among the speakers. Mentioning the importance of planning and research in e-commerce, Mehmet Erdemi gave advice to those who want to achieve success in e-commerce.

Play Video about kubilay-genckan Turkey Business Development Manager Kubilay Gençkan was among the speakers. Expressing that as, they target manufacturers and SMEs ready for export, Gençkan expressed his confidence in Turkish exporters.

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Emrah Pamuk, Co-Founder & CEO of Digital Exchange, was among the speakers. Emphasizing that Turkish brands are not known well enough in the world, Pamuk expressed that Oniki is important in this sense.

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WorqCompany Founding Partner Anıl Gökçen Körpınar was among the speakers. Anıl Gökçen Körpınar talked about WorqCompany and its services.

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Navlungo CEO & Co-Founder İsa Korkmaz was among the speakers. Isa Korkmaz, who said that as Navlungo, found solutions for companies that trade abroad to ship and store products with the most optimum options, expressed that they are happy to play an important role in the development of e-export in Turkey.

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Cenap Doğru, who conveyed the innovative services of Papara, talked about the importance of payment methods and alternative payment solutions.

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Aras Kargo’s General Manager Utku Ayyarkın was among the speakers at the E-Commerce and E-Export Conference, the first event of Oniki, the next generation event experience supported by artificial intelligence, in Istanbul. Ayyarkın, who made his speech focused on e-commerce and e-export in the new world order, stated that they aim to build new roads that can carry SMEs to international platforms and that’s why they are in Oniki.

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Enes Yiğit and Özgür Deveci, Founding Partners of Entrepreneur Park, who are our guests in the Oniki Presentation concept, share their presentations on “Being an Entrepreneur Aiming Globally in Turkey” and “The Importance of a Team in Entrepreneurships”.

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In the video of our Oniki Questions series, we discuss the incentives offered by the government to online sellers with Business Development and Project Consultant Enis Göcer.

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In this episode of the Oniki Chat concept, we talk to WWB Marketplace Agency CEO Ahmet Yaglicioglu about all the questions about selling on Amazon.

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