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20 Haziran 2022 - EN




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20 JUNE, 2022 / 13:30

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Zorlu PSM Istanbul Turkiye

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If you have products or services that can be sold online,

If you want to start e-commerce or e-export or expand your business in these areas,

If you have the marketing budget and the team, but do not know how to manage them in the most efficient way,

If you have produced solutions for e-commerce and e-export and wish to meet these solutions directly with the right people,

And if you have not found the efficiency and benefit you are looking for from the events you have attended so far,

You should definitely take your place at this event!

Event Program

13:30 - 16:00

Session 1

The physical event, where participants are directed to special numbered tables through the Twelve app, begins with a 3-minute keynote. Thanks to the twelve applications, each meeting session will be held at a different table. In this section of the event, 4 presentations and 6 special introduction sessions of 12 minutes each take place in total.


Ziya Kızıltan - Oniki Co-Founder & CEO

İrem Nur Akgün - Oniki Content Marketing Specialist


Opening Speeches Aykut Seyrek - Head of Technological Group

Burhan Eliacik - President of TÖDEB

Hakan Çevikoğlu - Vice President of ETID Board of Directors / PttAvm - CEO

Utku Ayyarkın - Aras Cargo / General Manager


Orientation Ziya Kızıltan - Oniki Co-Founder & CEO


Session 1 Cem Oğuz - Aras Cargo / Operations Assistant General Manager.

B2B Matching 1

B2B Matching 2

Cenap Doğru - Papara / Partner & COO

B2B Matching 3

B2B Matching 4

Isa Korkmaz - Freight / CEO & Co-Founder

B2B Matching 5

B2B Matching 6

Erhun Öçal - Uyumsoft / Cloud Services General Manager

16:00 - 17:00

Experience-Oriented Coffee Break

Coffee breaks longer than 90 minutes are ideal for meeting new people and establishing important business contacts. During coffee breaks where rich treats are offered, stand visits are made using the Oniki application, meeting sessions are started with new people and points are earned.

17:00 - 19:30

Session 2

As in the first part, after the presentations, questions are answered and points are earned through the Oniki application, and special introduction sessions are attended by going to the desks related to the application orientation. Thus, at the end of this section, it is ensured that you have listened to 12 current presentations in the most efficient way and that you have met the right 12 people with the benefits they will offer.


Session 2

Anıl Gökçen Körpınar - Co-Founder of WorqCompany

Emrah Pamuk - Digital Exchange CO-Founder & CEO

B2B Matching 7

B2B Matching 8

Mehmet Erdemi - Exporgin / COO

Rıdvan Mücahit Baykaldı - Prepshipping LLC Operation Manager

B2B Matching 9

B2B Matching 10

Kubilay Gençkan -Alibaba.com Turkey Business Development Manager

Onur Demirel - Sky Accounting / Turkey Country Manager

B2B Matching 11

B2B Matching 12

19:30 - 20:00

Award Ceremony, Entertainment and Closing

At the end of the event, the 12 people who accumulate the most points by using the Twelve application will win one of the 12 special gifts on the stage. Right after, a mini party full of music and fun starts, while those who wish can relieve their tiredness and stress, those who wish continue their stand visits and new acquaintances.

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Utku Ayyarkın

Aras Kargo / General Manager


Hakan Çevikoğlu

ETİD Vice Chairman of The Management Board / PttAvm - CEO


Burhan Eliaçık

TÖDEB President


Aykut Seyrek

Teknolojik Grup President

Cem OGUZ.jpg

Cem Oğuz

Aras Kargo / Operations Deputy General Manager


Cenap Doğru

Papara / Partner & COO

isa KORKMAZ.jpg

İsa Korkmaz

Navlungo / CEO & Co-Founder

Erhun OCAL.jpg

Erhun Öçal

Uyumsoft / Cloud Services General Manager

Anil Gokcen KORPINAR

Anıl G. Körpınar

WorqCompany Co-Founder


Emrah Pamuk

Digital Exchange CO-Founder & CEO


Mehmet Erdemi

Exporgin / COO

Ridvan Mucahit BAYKALDI

Rıdvan M.Baykaldı

Prepshipping LLC Operation Manager


Kubilay Gençkan

Alibaba.com Türkiye Business Development Manager


Onur Demirel

Sky Accounting / Türkiye Country Manager

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