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Join us at our events and conferences in different sectors where thousands of participants will take place, both physically and online.

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Our events, where the heart of the business world will beat, offer unique privileges for sponsors.

Thanks to the exciting events we will bring to life and the content we create for social media platforms, we bring together companies that produce the best solutions in different sectors with SMEs, brands and startups that need these solutions.

No more Wasting Time on Wrong Events

You can stop wasting time and money with Oniki by taking part in the halls where the participants are few and uninterested.

With the innovative Oniki concept, you can say goodbye to unproductive events where you explain your solutions to the wrong audience and the halls that are rapidly emptied, where booth visits and brand visibility are insufficient.

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The Easiest Way to Reach the Target Audience

We identify the participants with the highest potential among thousands of preliminary applications. In addition to physical participation, you can reach your target audience effortlessly and quickly, thanks to the online participation of thousands of people from all over the world.

You can have the opportunity to reach the whole of Turkey not only with current events, but also with upcoming events in line with our analysis of provinces with high potential.

Potential Customers and Leading Firms Together

By participating in the events, you can reach not only your potential customers, but also new institutions with which you can make the right business partnerships. Thus, you can promote your solutions and discover the solutions you need simultaneously.

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Contact us to sponsor existing events or organize new events together.


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