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Frequently Asked Questions

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In order to participate in our events, you need to fill in the application form for the event you want to attend. It is very important that you fill out this form in detail in order to bring you together with a select audience that will meet your special needs.

After your application to physically participate in our event is evaluated, you will be offered the options to participate physically or online depending on the event criteria. In this direction, you can complete your registration process by making your choice and get your ticket. If you would like to attend the event online, you can continue the registration process by directly filling out the event’s application form.

Our events are paid. Buy your ticket before it runs out to bid farewell to events with great loss of time and money, to come together with an elite audience tailored to your needs, and to experience a unique conference + networking + entertainment concept by utilizing the artificial intelligence technology specially developed by Oniki. Free events will also be held over time.

Yes. Especially in our physical events, there are limitations on the number of participants and sponsor companies depending on the venue and event concept. So hurry up, reserve your spot now before tickets run out.

Here are some of the numerous advantages:

  1. With its unique concept, Oniki offers our participants opportunities for a new generation event experience. In our hybrid concept, participants can take part in our events physically or online. At these events, you will meet with an elite audience that is compatible with your needs or solutions.
  2. Thanks to our artificial intelligence technology, you will have the chance to network with the right people.
  3. Far from listening to long and boring presentations, you will come together with results-oriented solutions that appeal to your needs, and you will have the chance to win various gifts. Apart from the special discounts of the companies, you will enjoy the day with the concept of entertainment and many surprises.
  4. In short, you will experience the privilege of obtaining the maximum benefit and efficiency you expect from an event by saving time and money.

For detailed information about the advantages and processes for our sponsors, you can browse the “Sponsorship” tab at the top of the page, and contact us directly from the contact section.

One of the most important advantages of the Oniki concept is that it connects you directly with your potential customers and a relevant target audience. Thanks to the pre-application forms and artificial intelligence supported B2B matches, you can meet 12 right people in just 1 day, perhaps with whom you can meet in 12 months.

Yes. The artificial intelligence supported Oniki algorithms we have developed will introduce you to the most accurate 12 people who can provide maximum benefit to you and your business. You will get the maximum benefit for your business by having 6-minute meetings at our desks with these 12 people.

Whether you are a participant or a sponsor, you can introduce your company and solution to your potential customers and business partners in these special introductory sessions.

As a result of a year of work with its expert software team, Oniki was able to develop a unique concept and a hybrid event technology that will make a difference in the event world and make artificial intelligence supported B2B matches. Thanks to our aforementioned technology, everyone who attends our events has the opportunity to network one-on-one with the people who will provide the most efficiency, depending on the artificial intelligence algorithm. Our unique concept and technology offers the exhibitors and sponsor companies numerous conveniences that will enable them to make the right moves. You can contact us for more.

Yes, our unique and unrivaled concept, in which we benefit from the power of artificial intelligence, offers all our participants and sponsors superior technological advantages that they can use themselves. You can reach us right away from the ‘Contact’ tab or our social media channels to organize events in the companies you represent or in different concepts by making use of the original infrastructure of Oniki.

Oniki is a new generation event platform. In the coming days, you can participate in many events with different sectors and topics, or you can take advantage of the Oniki platform in the events you organize yourself. To do this, simply contact us from the Contact tab.

You can instantly access the most up-to-date announcements, sectoral developments and important information about our events by subscribing to our e-mail newsletter as well as our social media channels and website. You can subscribe to the newsletter from the section at the bottom of the page and follow our social media accounts.

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